Novembre 2015


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  • Welcome

    Welcome on my website !

    Here you can find lot of plans to realize yourselves models in paper ! Cardboard of cereal box is used as reinforcement and to built landing gear of jets !

    All the plans can be downloaded freely !

    I drawed myself all the plans, I do that since I'm 15 years old !

    On every note, you can see a number from 1 to 5 before the name of the model ! 1 is the easiest and 5 the more difficult !

    On every note, you can find  a 3 view plan at scale with a jpg folder and a Pdf  folder at scale !

    After, you have a  assembly diagram with a jpg file and a Pdf  file at scale !

    After, you have a  plan of pieces in paper with a jpg file and a Pdf file at scale ! This plan is sometimes in black and white in order to allow you to personnalize yourselves your model. Some other times I will propose you a color plan with more details.

    To finish, you have a reinforcement plan in cardboard with a jpg file and a Pdf file at scale !

    In this web site you can find several categories as :

    to know before beginning ( à savoir avant de commencer ) - You can find an english explanation of the difficulty levels HERE.

    astuces (tricks) : lot of little things and systems to built models and to print plans at specific scale

    Afterwards you have severals categories of models :

    starwars (chap.1,2 and 3) at scale 1/66

    military jets fighter at scale 1/66

    national acrobatics team at scale 1/66

    planes of first world war at scale 1/66

    jets fighters of from 50ties to 80ties at scale 1/66

    modern and futures jets fighters at scale 1/66

    robotech at scale 1/71 a manga

    gundam wing at scale 1/66

    civilians rotors at scale 1/66

    military rotors at scale 1/66

    the TGV train at scale 1/100

    the transformers movie's robots at scale 1/50

    populars vehicles ( from TV and movies )

    and vehicles at scale 1/50

    If you built models with my plans, thanks to send me pictures of your models at my private mail box

    I will create a special pictures gallery !